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M Ordinary and Other Shorts

Flash & Photoshop

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These are random thoughts on society and life in general presented to you through the illusion of 3-dimensions and time. Many concern social and personal value, and others sprout from knowledge gathered through scientific research. M Ordinary, our superstar from "," has a Facebook page... pay a visit . All shorts may be viewed by clicking links in the white box above.


Amore - photograph - digital - 2006

Portrait of Andrea

Andrea - pen on paper - 4"x"3- 1997

Architecture Illustration

Architecture: Lobby view 1 - digital - no set size - 2001 - property of ADD Inc.

Architecture Design

Architecture: Lobby view 2 - digital - no set size - 2001 - property of ADD Inc.

Architecture Illustration 1

Architecture: Illustration 1 - 8"x10" - pen on mylar - 1995

Architecture Illustration 2

Architecture: Illustration 2 - 8"x10" - pen on mylar - 1995

Architecture Illustration 3

Architecture Design: Lyceum Competition - project - 1996
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Architecture: Xul Solar House

Architecture Design: Xul Solar House - project - 1995
(Click image above for details)

Architecture Illustration 7

Architecture: Perspective Variation - project - 1995
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tres plazas

Architecture: Urban Design - project - 2000
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